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We offer the following professional planning and zoning services:

  • Site Plan applications

  • Special Use applications

  • Planned Unit Development applications

  • Plat applications

  • Site Condominium applications

  • Map Amendment applications (rezonings)

    • Conditional Map Amendment applications

  • Text Amendment applications

  • Zoning Ordinance language composition

  • Police Power Ordinance language composition

    • Crowd Control Ordinance

    • Dangerous Buildings Ordinance

    • Nuisance Ordinance

    • Mineral (Mining) Ordinance

    • Cemetery Ordinance

  • Mining applications

  • Master Planning

  • Recreation Planning

  • Capital Improvement Planning

  • Community Surveys

  • Intergovernmental collaboration

  • Local millage assistance

  • Form-based codes

  • Leading community workshops/charrettes

  • Variance requests

  • Composition of legal notifications and adoption documents

  • Non-motorized Pathway Planning

  • Land division administration

  • Grant writing

  • Zoning Administration and enforcement

  • Support to Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Trustees

  • Educational training to Planning Commissioners, Zoning Board of Appeals members, and staff

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