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We offer the following professional planning and zoning services:

  • Site Plan applications

  • Special Use applications

  • Planned Unit Development applications

  • Plat applications

  • Site Condominium applications

  • Map Amendment applications (rezonings)

    • Conditional Map Amendment applications

  • Text Amendment applications

  • Zoning Ordinance language composition

  • Police Power Ordinance language composition

    • Crowd Control Ordinance

    • Dangerous Buildings Ordinance

    • Nuisance Ordinance

    • Mineral (Mining) Ordinance

    • Cemetery Ordinance

  • Mining applications

  • Master Planning

  • Recreation Planning

  • Capital Improvement Planning

  • Community Surveys

  • Intergovernmental collaboration

  • Local millage assistance

  • Form-based codes

  • Leading community workshops/charrettes

  • Variance requests

  • Composition of legal notifications and adoption documents

  • Non-motorized Pathway Planning

  • Land division administration

  • Grant writing

  • Zoning Administration and enforcement

  • Support to Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Trustees

  • Educational training to Planning Commissioners, Zoning Board of Appeals members, and staff

We also provide Process Improvement Services, let by our Lean Six Sigma* expert, Kevin Yeomans.

*Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a continuous improvement methodology that focuses on the elimination of waste and reducing variation in manufacturing, service, or design processes. Pioneered by Toyota, the Lean methodology aims to reduce non-value added activities and cycle times while creating value for customers. Six Sigma focuses on identifying and reducing variability and improving overall quality. LSS therefore can help an organization meet or exceed the needs or requirements of their customers while improving their own performance and effectiveness and managing their quality.

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